Friday, 28 October 2011

Samsung Omnia 7 - Phone Review

Right then time for a phone review. I have owned the Samsung Omnia 7 for long enough to deliver an honest verdict, and that's what you'll get.

Perhaps it is somewhat fitting, today it was reported that Samsung has overtaken Apple in the highly competitive smartphone manufacturing market.  Anyway, the Omnia 7 utilizes the highly attractive Windows Phone 7 interface, which personally I highly approve of. The interaction feels silky smooth, the button areas are perfectly sized on the main screen, and the slightly offset positioning works very well both functionally and aesthetically. The theme itself is pretty much everywhere you look in terms of apps, which themselves appear to be limited in quantity but not quality for WP7 handsets.

The phone itself is a little too large for my liking, it's not quite small enough for you to be able to reach any button without shuffling it in your palm, which will often result in a drop. I'm not joking here, the polished metal back of the phone is ridiculously slippery, making the handset an absolute nightmare to keep a grip on. I eventually dropped mine one too many times and cracked the (expensive) 4" glass screen rather badly. I've been informed it will cost £100 to repair. If you intend to purchase an Omnia 7 do yourself a favour; DO NOT let friends hold it, they will drop it, 100% guaranteed.

Speaking of the screen, it's a damn good one. The 4" high contrast AMOLED touch display looks fantastic from every angle and at the time of release was the leader of the pack in terms of visuals. It's 5.0 camera, although very prone to shake (anti-shake mode is available) , is solid and should be more than sufficient for the majority of owners.

In summary, The Samsung Omnia 7 is a great handset and generally an enjoyable experience. Browsing is a breeze, and the speaker sound quality is good compared to the iPhone and other such competitors. The apps are indeed limited currently, and it is a nightmare to keep a hold of but if you get yourself a case you have a fantastic piece of kit in your hands. Now about that £100 repair...

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask via comments.



powl789 said...

Information about very good phone I will purchase it.

Anonymous said...

Looks great man

Watchful Cat said...

I have to look into purchasing a new phone sometime in the future, I haven't had one for a while since I lost my old one...the iPhone speakers ARE really bad lol.

Deso said...

I need a new phone. I'll put this on my "to-watch" list.

Publius said...

Looks like a great phone, considering gettin it! thanks for the review

david frankcom said...

It looks like a great phone but i love my iphone to much

ElectroMan said...

Looks great man

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