Wednesday, 19 October 2011


This is going to be something of a departure from my usual posts.

On Monday night I went to my first foam party in a club in Oxford. It started pretty slowly but by the end it was pretty crazy, the whole foam out of a cannon at people dancing thing is ridiculous fun. The thing is, the people who care how they are dancing stop caring because you're knee deep in bubbles any way, it ends up like a close range snowball fight disco blur. Everyone generally has a great time and there is way more interaction between people who don't know each other. I highly recommend trying something like this at your local venue, but prepare to freeze your ass off when you leave!

I'm interesting to hear about some interesting parties and party formats you've been to, so don't hesitate to drop a comment.



Anonymous said...

Great music here bro!

pv said...

man there is this place that has crazy lights and foam parties all in one, but my lazy ass has yet to go.

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