Sunday, 9 October 2011

Endtroducing 2

Music that speaks to the soul is not what you expect to find, but it is indeed what you get with Endtroducing.

I swear I just heard a wookie over a breakbeat. The range of sampling in the record is so diverse and so creative that you have no idea what to expect next. Shadow has not just created a piece of art with this record, but an environment, a universe of it's own. Merely a collection of notes can invoke emotions and feelings, granted, but the real talent here is how Shadow can make the listener feel through the use of sampling, there is no 'I've heard this before' or 'This sounds familiar' whatsoever; the record is completely unique, ground-breaking and ahead of it's time, some may need reminding this was released in the mid 90's where every other teenager wasn't sitting in their bedroom with some production and sequencing software at hand.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog!!

To Tipota said...

nice one mate, keep it up!

Radu said...

My mother used to tell me how she used to study when she was in College : listening to 80's rock tunes, on the radio, obviously. Nice, +1!

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