Saturday, 19 May 2012

Empty White Circles - Adventures - First Listen

Today I have a little treat for you all. Oxford-based Indie/Folk collective Empty White Circles have recently made their first single available on-line and this post will be covering it because it's exactly the kind of thing we like. This site is always on the lookout for quality, new, interesting music crafted with emotion, and this fits the bill perfectly. The band only formed a matter of weeks ago and already have this delightful journey of a track out in the open.

The acoustic guitar tip-toeing over a ghostly, shimmering sound scape subtly introduce vocalist Kevin Duggan's vocals and forms the foundations for him to deliver a sincere, moving message. Adventures was originally written in 2009 about getting out of town to greener grass, both to progress and to forget. It seems the lyrics also communicate a shade of life's humble truths, of growing up and the lessons some of us are yet to learn. I've heard nothing but praise for the track from those in the area, and many are looking forward to further releases.

Empty White Circles are:
Kevin Duggan
Callum To
Matt Hill
James Walker
Matt Stallings

The band are set to record and release an EP with a good variation of tracks this summer between touring and other commitments. (Both Kevin and Matt study Recording & Audio Production at a local University).

I'd love to hear what you think. Listen to the track below.

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