Thursday, 17 November 2011

Purchase - MacBook Pro 13"

Update time. As part of my university course (and fees) I have now ended up with a 13" Macbook Pro, something I never thought I'd own. Somewhat unfortunately for me, I'm a complete Apple noob, having only purchased an iPod touch prior to this, but I have to say I am thoroughly impressed.

I'm actually doing a degree in Audio Production, which involves production, mixing, MIDI programming and other such skills. Apple have exclusive rights to Logic, which is one of the highest quality Digital-Audio Workstations, so students basically require an Apple computer to complete the work. Any way I won't bore you with that any longer.

What I wanted to talk about and discuss is your personal impression on Macs and MacBooks compared to PC's. I found the user interface to be a lot clearer and enjoyable to operate, some of the tasks performed are outrageously quick compared to a PC.Currently enjoy it so much I may even be tempted to take out insurance on it, if it turns out not to be included in the home cover.

So, in good time I'll be able to give you my full opinion on the MacBook Pro, but for now I want to hear your views. With running both a medium-high end gaming PC and the latest Pro there are definitely comparisons to be made.

Pc or Mac? Both? What do you prefer?


Mobias said...

PC. No question about it. MacBooks are WAY to expensive for the hardware they actually have inside.

Also you will look like a hipster if you buy a Mac.

powl789 said...

Very nice site. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Mac is for designers and people that don't need the run demanding programs

Anonymous said...

Don't like Apple at all.

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