Friday, 7 October 2011

Good evening friends,

As you might expect this will be used for several things. I'm happy to review albums, movies and games, and  will be posting personal updates too. I guess it's worth mentioning that my goal in life is to become an audio engineer and or producer, with other music related projects intertwined.

Currently experience the drastic change of going from full time work to full time education. More free time, much less cash.

That will do for this evening, I promise to post more interesting discussions in the coming days.


Jonathan said...

If you're going to review games, check out League of Legends. I play this game a lot and would be interested in your opinion of it

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all of it!

To Tipota said...

looking back at your first posts i can tell you are doing really well so far. keep it up

Michael said...

review portal

sh4man1 said...

great post !!!

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