Friday, 20 January 2012

TMV Announce Return

El Paso prog-rockers The Mars Volta have announced their anticipated follow up to 2009's The Octahedron. The news comes just days after At The Drive-In confirmed they would reform after a 12 year absence. A cryptic tweet stated 'This station is now operational'. This is of course relevant due to the 2 groups sharing lead guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez, and lead vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala. TMV was born from the ATDI split, with 2 halves forming 2 different bands. Sparta being the other, overall less successful of the two.

So here's the cover for Noctourniquet which will debut worldwide on March 27.

The album is said to tell the story of a character inspired by Superman villain Solomon Grundy and the Greek myth of Hyacinthus. Well, what else did you expect? This is the volta we're talking about!

Touring in support of the album will have to be done around At The Drive-In's expected dates. They are already confirmed to play both weekends of Coachella in April and are expected to add more shows throughout the year.

Here's the track listing, Zed and Two Naughts has been confirmed to feature on the MLB 12: The Show soundtrack.

'The Whip Hand'
'Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound'
'The Malkin Jewel'
'In Absentia'
'Trinkets Pale of Moon'
'Zed and Two Naughts'


Birdman said...

Thank god, I love Mars Volta.

Carm said...

Sounds like it's gonna be a great album.

Anonymous said...

Nice album

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